Southwest Medical Psychology - Barbara M Maxwell RN PhD
 Barbara M Maxwell, RN, PhDPsychological Evaluations, Behavior Modification Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and other Treatment Modalities for both the Medical or Non-Medical patient.
My practice has united my years in the medical field, primarily as an operating room nurse, by making use of my understanding of anatomy and physiology as it applies to psychological issues. Individual therapy focuses on preoperative preparation for various invasive procedures. I also help patients learn effective ways of coping with pre- and post treatment behavioral issues as well as the development of management skills. Another important aspect of my practice includes therapy for individuals with chronic pain or who may have a terminal illness or who may simply wish to discuss issues and goals for their later years. 
Over the past decade, I have completed over 4500 pre-procedure psychological evaluations for patients undergoing elective surgical procedures. The particular tests administered are geared towards each patient's special needs.
My predoctoral training included four years working exclusively with chronic pain patients. These included cases of Failed Back Syndrome, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome patients, and other pain disorders such as phantom limb pain and other neuropathic pain disorders. I also spent a year at Maricopa Medical Center working with burn patients utilizing relaxation and guided imagery for management of pain and anxiety. My predoctoral internship was in Neuropsychology at the Carl T. Hayden Veteran's Administration Medical Center and at the Neuropsychology Department at Banner Samaritan Regional Medical Center's Rehabilitation Center. Since obtaining my Doctorate in , I have continued to focus on the medical or surgical patient with seven years specializing in the preoperative education and evaluation of bariatric surgery patients and over five years specializing in the evaluations of pain patients.
For all my patients, special emphasis is placed on providing information and education, for example, I designed and taught "The ABC's of Bariatrics©", a detailed preoperative education course for patients seeking at the largest bariatric surgery program in Arizona for seven years before leaving for private practice. Outcome research conducted by me proved these classes to be effective in reducing anxiety before surgery as well improving pain management after surgery.

Outcome research based on data collected by me and published in concert with Richard Lanyon, PhD, Professor of at Arizona State University, has resulted in in Honors Theses for ASU undergraduates, Doctoral Disseratations, and several Peer Reviewed Journal Articles. 
I look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve your health and life goals!
Summary of Services offered:

  • Preoperative Psychological Evaluation
  • Preoperative Behavioral Education and Modification
  • Postoperative Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Schema Focused Cognitive Therapy
  • Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Pain Management
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